Shetland Foal Milk Service


Kept at Thordale Stud is an emergency supply of mare’s milk replacer any time – available 24 hours a day.

The Mare’s Milk Replacer Kit costs £15.00 and contains all you need to get your foal back on its feet if, for whatever reason, your mare has no milk.

Included in the kit, is a rubber foal teat, sterilising tablets and mare’s milk replacer milk powder along with full emergency feeding instructions.

There will be enough in the pack to cover you for a few days and then you can purchase more from the company who supply it (details in the pack) or move onto something else.

We also stock Foal-Stim which costs £16.00 per 20ml oral syringe – an immediate energy supply of a unique colostrum and prebiotic (FOS) nutritional supplement for newborn foals that are weak, underweight, failing to suckle or initially thrive. A
pple-flavoured oral paste, presented in a ready-to-administer single use 20ml oral syringe (just like horse wormer).

(I have used both products and all I can say, from experience, is that Foal-Stim is brilliant. It buys you time and can get a weak foal on its legs again. The Mare’s Milk Replacer is exactly what it says it is and if you have no milk from your mare, then this will keep your foal hydrated and fed.)

This scheme is run purely for the benefit of all equine breeders in Shetland – it is not financially profiting and is for every equine breeder anytime. 

I keep the Milk Replacer and Foal-Stim in my front porch.  If I am not in, take what you need and leave me the money, writing me a note to let me know.


Milk Replacer – £15.00 per tub
Foal-Stim – £16.00 per oral syringe

Phone Thordale Stud on 01595 809 432

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